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on 330
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on 18
of the population

Are you producing transport data ?

Territories, transport operators…: you have to publish data about traveler information on this website. The team is here to guide you to put your data into quality, into conformity and to publish it.

Who is reusing data from ?

BlablacarHandiscoGoogle MapsHere TechnologiesKisio DigitalLumiplanMappyMy BusRome2RioTransitUrban PulseTric Tac TripLe LocalisateurKomboviaTransitNhoodvivanodathe TreepCitywayAPITUXLes Voitures.ComMetisComparabus1km à PiedKarosCitymapperTaxi jaunesGoSenseAndyamoTransitec

Reusers listed here are the ones who declared one reuse on the platform. Learn more.

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