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on 19
of the population

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Territories, transport operators… : you have to publish data about traveler information on this website. Our team is here to guide you to put your data into quality, into conformity and to publish it.

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Blablacar Handisco Google Maps Here Technologies Kisio Digital Lumiplan Mappy My Bus Rome2Rio Transit Urban Pulse Tric Tac Trip Le Localisateur Kombo viaTransit Nhood vivanoda the Treep Cityway APITUX Les Voitures.Com Metis Matawan Comparabus 1km à Pied Karos Citymapper Taxi jaunes GoSense Andyamo Transitec FNTV Horaires de trains.fr Avem Vélo & Territoires Cap Cotentin Macaron Dataveyes instant system Breizh Transit Gisaïa Koumoul Carbubu Où vivre Dataworker TransTools WISP

Reusers listed here are the ones who declared one reuse on the platform. Learn more.

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MobilityData Vélo & Territoires Kisio Digital Transdev RATP Dev Geovelo Center for Urban Transportation Research | University of South Florida

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